Surprisingly balanced article in the Daily Mail

An interesting article about metrication appeared in the Daily Mail Online recently, describing the current situation reasonably well – but arguing that the current British mixture of metric and imperial measurements is actually a good thing since it enables people to use the units “most apposite for the job in hand”.  As this argument is seductive but utterly misconceived, it deserves to be taken seriously and rebutted.

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Numeracy Counts

A recent report has stressed the importance of numeracy – and of raising the level of numeracy – both for people with learning difficulties and for people who are otherwise well qualified.  In this article Martin Vlietstra suggests that fully adopting the metric system would help to raise standards – and blames the Europhobic media for obstructing progress.

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An ‘el’ of a standard

The powers that be of the metric system are wrestling with the problem of defining the kilogram independently of an actual physical object (i.e. the very slowly degrading cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy kept at Sèvres, near Paris, known as “the international prototype of the kilogram”). Meanwhile, they are neglecting a longstanding question that urgently cries out for a solution. [Article contributed by Martin Clutterbuck].

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Bizarre 2/3 pint proposal to go ahead

Despite widespread ridicule, the Government has persisted with the previous Government’s barmy proposal to introduce a 2/3 pint measure for draught beer and cider.  Under the pretence of  “removing unnecessary red tape”, it has actually resisted calls for genuine deregulation.

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Snow calculations made simple, or not

One of our readers, John Frewen-Lord, has been housebound for four days by the recent heavy snow falls – about 60 cm deep in his area. This has prompted him to provide an illustration of the comparative simplicity of calculating snow loads in metric units.

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UK Prominent Peaks tables and maps updated

A new release of the UK Prominent Peaks tables and maps is now available. This follows the announcement of survey results for Glyder Fawr in Snowdonia which demonstrate that it is more than one thousand metres high. Continue reading “UK Prominent Peaks tables and maps updated”

New metric “Super Mountain” revealed in Wales

A new metric “Super Mountain” was revealed by G & J Surveys at a press conference in Maentwrog, Snowdonia yesterday. The vast majority of the UK’s mountains with summits of over 1 000 metres are in the Scottish highlands with previously only four other summits – all in Snowdonia – confirmed as over this height. Glyder Fawr, previously recorded as 999 metres by Ordnance Survey has been measured as 1000.8 metres in height making it a “Super Mountain”. Continue reading “New metric “Super Mountain” revealed in Wales”