Is this the UK’s oldest kilometre sign?

A sign showing kilometres on the route of the first ‘London’ marathon had its anniversary this week. For a century, it has pointed the way for anyone trying to retrace the steps of the original runners towards the finishing line at White City in London, where the 1908 Olympic Games were held.

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Seventh UK scientist honoured by CGPM

The contribution of British engineers and scientists to the development of the international metric system is well known.  What is less well known is that, in addition to the six SI units that are named after British scientists and engineers, there is a seventh unit approved for use with SI. (Article based on contributions by Martin Vlietstra).

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All distances on London pedestrian signs to be shown in “minutes”

According to Legible London, an initiative led by Transport for London, all existing pedestrian direction signs in London will be replaced by 2015 with new wayfinding signs. The enamelled monolith-style signs will have maps as well as directions and distances in “minutes”.

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