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Welcome to ‘Metric Views’, a UK Metric Association website.

This website aims to enable rapid response and comment on current issues and news items relevant to the UK’s changeover to the international metric system of units. More general articles about metric issues may also appear, provided that they contribute to this aim.

UKMA welcomes constructive comments from all viewpoints, and we shall try to answer any genuine questions. Please give a valid email address (which will not be published). For more information see our house rules.

UKMA advocates speedier progress on the full transition to the metric system in the UK. This has more recently proceeded extremely slowly after a very strong start over 50 years ago which has seen every industry switch to the metric system and every child in the UK (and now, the children of those children) taught the metric system in school.

For more information about the metric system, why it is the only sensible system of measurement, and more details about UKMA, please refer to the UK Metric Association website.

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