An ‘el’ of a standard

The powers that be of the metric system are wrestling with the problem of defining the kilogram independently of an actual physical object (i.e. the very slowly degrading cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy kept at Sèvres, near Paris, known as “the international prototype of the kilogram”). Meanwhile, they are neglecting a longstanding question that urgently cries out for a solution. [Article contributed by Martin Clutterbuck].

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Did “Victorian values” block metrication?

What is it about the British that makes it so difficult to implement a simple, obvious and necessary reform – the adoption of a single, rational system of measurement, used by everybody for all purposes?  A newly published dissertation attempts some answers to this question.

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Ministers refuse to update obsolete HGV speed limits

Metric Views can reveal that Government ministers have quietly wound up all efforts to align motorway speed limits for buses, coaches and HGVs with the settings of their respective vehicle speed limiters.

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Bizarre 2/3 pint proposal to go ahead

Despite widespread ridicule, the Government has persisted with the previous Government’s barmy proposal to introduce a 2/3 pint measure for draught beer and cider.  Under the pretence of  “removing unnecessary red tape”, it has actually resisted calls for genuine deregulation.

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