Pound-inch units finally give way to metric in space

It looks as if astronauts, cosmonauts, or yuhangyuan as we will soon learn to call them, will before long have to cope with only one measurement system in space as the US winds down its programme and China takes its place.

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UK house builders rumbled

Obfuscation is a handy tool for those who wish to improve the profitability of their business at the expense of the consumer. And often a good place to start is the use of measurements. Now a new report has placed UK house builders in the spotlight.

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The BBC explains its position on measurement units

A┬áreader of Metric Views has received an unusually comprehensive reply to a complaint about the units used in the┬áthe programme ‘Bang goes the theory’. We are posting the letter in full as we feel it may be of interest to our readers. Continue reading “The BBC explains its position on measurement units”