Early parliamentary debates on metrication

Hansard provides many insights about the ideals of and the prevailing attitudes to metrication. With the benefit of hindsight, we can see where the actual course of events has fallen short of those ideals and the mistakes that got us into the current measurement muddle.

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The BBC explains its position on measurement units

A┬áreader of Metric Views has received an unusually comprehensive reply to a complaint about the units used in the┬áthe programme ‘Bang goes the theory’. We are posting the letter in full as we feel it may be of interest to our readers. Continue reading “The BBC explains its position on measurement units”

Minister confirms business as usual

In response to letter from the British Weights and Measures Association (BWMA), the Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts MP, has confirmed that there is no change in Government policy on the units of measurement in use for trade.

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