Third of a pint, anyone?

Some goods must be sold in fixed sizes. These sizes are known as specified quantities. Draught beer and cider are the only products with specified quantities in non-metric units. If you want to order a glass of draught beer or cider, how many sizes up to (and including) one pint can a publican legally serve you? You will probably be surprised to hear the answer.

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Milk in a muddle

Recent reports of the difficulties facing Britain’s milk producers have prompted Ronnie Cohen to look into the muddle sorrounding retail packaging and pricing of all types of milk.

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Devolve Weights and Measures – says pro-metric group

Weights and Measures and related matters (such as road signs) should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament – according to the UK Metric Association.
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How US labelling requirements undermine honest labelling in the UK

On EU product labels, metric units are mandatory whereas non-metric units are optional. On US product labels, both metric and US customary (USC) units are mandatory for most products. So a company that wants to sell a product in the EU and the US must use metric and USC on the label unless it produces separate labels for the two markets.

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