Cooking Xmas turkey in metric

Here we go again, run up to Christmas and the food pages are full of useful hints and tips on how to roast the perfect turkey, giving people a timing of mins per 450g/lb. Not very useful when pack weights are in kg only! [article contributed by Roz Denny]

Working on this illogical logic, the ‘useful’ hint should start:

  1. Get out your calculator.
  2. Work out how many 450g there are in your pre-weighed (in kg) bird dividing by 0.450g
  3. Multiply by the 450g units by time in mins.

Compare this to a useful timing of mins per kg:

  1. Multiply the time in mins by the kg weight.

(However, if you are following an old recipe from a favourite cookbook for other birds e.g. goose or duck or a joint of beef/ham/pork, simply multiply the mins per 450g/ lb by 2.2 to get the kg weight timings).

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