City of London’s 15 mph plan was another missed opportunity to introduce km/h

Between 2019 and 2022, the City of London planned to become the first UK region with a 15-mph speed limit. This plan was blocked by the Department for Transport because speedometers are not accurate enough for low speeds. It meant that it was not technically possible. Like the mass rollout of the 20-mph speed limit, the plan for a 15-mph speed limit across the City of London was another missed opportunity to introduce km/h speed limits.

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DfT imperialists waste more taxpayers’ money

The Department for Transport, who once described metrication of road signs as “a waste of taxpayers’ money”, have themselves been condemned by a House of Commons Select Committee for wasting £71 million on building 66 motorcycle testing stations in order that learner motorcyclists can take the manoeuvring elements of the driving test at the requisite 50 km/h (kilometres per hour), which would be illegal on quiet residential roads in urban areas where tests used to be conducted in the UK. Continue reading “DfT imperialists waste more taxpayers’ money”