2017 Laws of Cricket (or how not to specify quantities)

With the cricket season in full swing, Martin Vlietstra highlights some aspects of the laws of the game. Martin is on the active panel of qualified cricket umpires, and also comments frequently on articles posted on Metric Views.
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A Dickensian surprise

Charles Dickens is enduringly popular for his memorable characters and his portrayal of the social evils of Victorian England. One of our regular readers, Martin Vlietstra, draws attention to an unexpected contribution he made to Britain’s long-running metrication debate.

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Will Scotland keep the pound avoirdupois as well as the pound sterling?

What impact would Scottish independence (if it were to happen) have on weights and measures?  Martin Vlietstra supplies an answer.

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Metrication of the rail network

Last October Network Rail announced that they will be phasing out miles, chains and yards on the British Rail network in favour of metric units. This has already been done on most, if not all Britain’s metro and tram systems while the dimensions of railway vehicles have been measured in metric units since the 1970s. Why this change of heart?
(Article contributed by Martin Vlietstra)

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Numeracy Counts

A recent report has stressed the importance of numeracy – and of raising the level of numeracy – both for people with learning difficulties and for people who are otherwise well qualified.  In this article Martin Vlietstra suggests that fully adopting the metric system would help to raise standards – and blames the Europhobic media for obstructing progress.

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Will the new Parliament be more pro-metric?

Although it is widely assumed that the next Parliament (to be elected no later than June 2010) will contain more Conservative and fewer Labour MPs, is it possible that they may be more sympathetic to completing the metric changeover?  (Article based on a draft by Martin Vlietstra.)

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