Which? exposes poor grasp of unit pricing

The Which? consumer group published its most recent investigation about unit pricing on 23 August 2022, asking “Can you spot the cheapest supermarket prices?”. If you cannot do this, you could be missing out on huge savings. The ability to use unit pricing to get the best deals is a critical skill in the cost-of-living crisis.

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Government to clarify law on metric units in advertising

A Government Minister has promised to advise industry bodies that the law requires the use of metric units in all product description and advertising.

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Government rejects bid to clarify law on product description and advertising

A Government Minister has thwarted an attempt by Lord Taverne to bring product description and advertising into line with the rules for package labelling and sales of loose goods from bulk.
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“Half of that mince, please”

Two brief anecdotes illustrate the difficulties still being experienced by customers because neither the Government nor “consumer advocates” will try to help them adapt to metric units in the supermarket.

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