The American Influence on Canada’s Metrication

John Frewen-Lord, a frequent contributor to Metric Views, has just returned from one of his regular trips to Canada. He gives us his thoughts.

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The 49th Parallel – still a line in the shifting sands?

John Frewen-Lord, one of our regular contributors, has recently visited Canada and has sent Metric Views his observations on the current state of the metric changeover there. Comments on this article from readers who know Canada are particularly welcome.

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Boost for science and engineering undermined?

A recent report published in the US suggests that the UK Government’s plans to boost science and engineering may be undermined by its muddled policies on measurement units.

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Will the Americans get there first? A challenge to Obama

Everyone knows the fable of the tortoise and the hare.  Does this story have a predictive message for metrication in the UK and the US?  A recent letter from the US Metric Association to President Obama invites the question: Could the Americans get there first?

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