London City Airport recently scrapped 100 ml liquid rule, which still applies in airports worldwide.

On 4 April 2023, London City Airport scrapped the 100 ml liquid rule. 1 Since 2006, airports worldwide have insisted that travellers can only bring liquids in containers of up to 100 ml in their carry-on bag. 2 These days, we take it for granted that the 100 ml limit for liquids at international airports around the world is exactly the same quantity. This is a triumph for the metric system, which replaced many different national systems long ago. Before the metric system, the same unit names were used for different quantities in different national measurement systems and there was no common definition for these units. The worldwide 100 ml liquid rule shows the benefits of a world standard measurement system for international travellers (i.e., the metric system).

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Official BBC Measurement Policy

As we become used to metric measures for social distancing, Ronnie Cohen, one our frequent contributors, looks at the measurement policy of our national broadcaster. Apparently, it is the over 50’s who are responsible for the muddle.

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Deficits, the global measurement system and global trade

In this article, Ronnie Cohen looks at the deficits of some major economies and asks if  apparent reluctance to use the global measurement system is a symptom of a wider problem – adapting to a changed world.

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Pocket World in Figures: A common booklet for a global readership

In this article, Ronnie Cohen writes about a UK publication involving measurement that is aimed at a global readership.

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Understanding body weight and height in metric units

It was inevitable that the selection of London to host the Olympic Games would bring into focus some of the consequences of the UK’s measurement muddle. Metric Views looks at one aspect, the measurement of body height and weight, measured in metric for athletes, and in imperial for many others following the custom of previous generations.

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